[ENG] Chickinventory #2 — DPS

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The time has come for a complete summary of Paris Eternal’s new Season 3 team. You can find the first section by clicking on the following link : Coaches.

And tonight’s category is… DPS! They’re a total of four, they’re hot in all senses of the word and ready to chop our opponents to pieces.

To start us off, our widow-making sniper, Terence “SoOn” Tarlier, is of course still in our ranks and will lead the charge.


You’ve obviously heard of him before, but let us rewind a little and tell your his pro Overwatch story. Early June 2016, he joined Misfits, with which he won the Overwatch Open and the DreamHack Winter. In December that same year, he joined the infamous Rogue. The titles just kept on coming in 2017 (among others the Overwatch Pit Championship NA Season 1 and the Overwatch TakeOver 2) and when they don’t get first place, they still occupy the top rankings.

After Rogue disbanded, SoOn joined the Los Angeles Valiant with unKOE for the inaugural Overwatch League season. With them, he went through a hell of a season, culminating in a Stage 4 finals victory. His many clutch players on Widowmaker and Tracer will remain in many fan’s memories and led to the creation of the famous “SOoooOOooooon” chant that accompanies his wild plays.

When the Paris Eternal project was revealed, he was immediately invited to join their ranks and represent Europe. Despite some weaknesses on Zarya, he stayed an indispensable member of the team throughout the season, and remains on the battlefield for Season 3.

Ki-hyo “Xzi” Jung, to be pronounced “ex-zi” joins us from Element Mystic.


Xzi’s professional career on Overwatch started in January of 2018, when he joined the Element Mystic, at only 16 ! He quickly got noticed thanks to his skills and strong game sense. He helped the team rise and contributed to its numerous titles (as described in the previous articles), even though we saw him less on stage during this year.

His rather large hero pool (projectile and hitscan DPS and even Zenyatta !) is perfectly complementary to his teammates. Maybe we’ll see him play projectile DPS until Sp9rk1e turns 18. Whatever his position, no doubt that his flexibility will be a major asset for Paris, especially considering his synergy with HanBin and Sp9rk1e.

The man with the watch, Nicolas “NiCOgdh” Moret, is still a part of the team this season.


After competing on Team Fortress 2, Nico got into Overwatch and joined a team even before the game was officially released ! That led him to participate in several competitions during the beta, then after the game’s release with melty eSport Club, until late 2016. After a short time on team Bonjour, he joined Rogue, previously mentioned in SoOn’s segment.

After its disband, he joined Eagle Gaming alongside HyP, a 100% French team that would dominate the EU scene for over a year. They notably won the Overwatch PIT Championship EU Season 3, as well as the Overwatch Omen by HP Trophy with ESWC, and culminated winning the 2018 EU Contenders Season 2.

He was then recruited by Paris as a flex DPS, after that title and the subsequent performance in the 2018 World Cup. We got to see him shine on Brigitte during stage 1, and perform until his replacement by ShaDowBurn. Nevertheless, he remained a particularly strong worker and provided a flexible back-up to his teammates.

The Korean Contenders spark hid in coach Rush’s luggage (or was it the opposite ?) and joined the team. It’s Yeong-han “Sp9rk1e” Kim.


He’s one of the prodigies everyone going to be looking at next season. Underage until May 2020, he’s already shown off a part of his mechanic skills and team play in the 2019 KR Contenders with Element Mystic. He proved to be the best projectile DPS this year in T2, and will soon blind (and take down) the entire Overwatch League with his talent. A fantastic asset that’ll make the Paris Zenith tremble during the last homestand !

You can find the next articles in this series at the following links : Tanks, Supports. (Links will appear after the next posts.)

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Original article by Kymilink, editing and translation by Gaila.

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