[ENG] Chickinventory #4 — Supports

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Season 3 is nearly upon us, meaning the time has come to go over the now-complete Paris Eternal roster. You can find the previous sections by clicking on the following link : Coaches, DPS and Tanks.

And tonight’s category is … support ! Ready to nanoboost their teammates, zone heal or drift in transcendance until they reach the fight, here they are.

Our Doctor Jek-hyp and Mister Nade, Damien “HyP” Souville.


As seen with BenBest, he shone on Gamers Origin and imposed himself as one of the best flex supports on the French scene. He won several French titles (Gaming WinterFest, Montpellier eSport Show and DreamHack Tours 2017) before the team disband.

A month later, he joined Eagle Gaming alongside NiCOgdh. Together, they win several competitions, culminating with the 2018 EU Contenders Season 2 Champions title.

After the team disbanded due to financial issues, he trialed for Paris for the 2019 season and was recruited. Despite spending a part of the season out of the spotlight, he continues to help his teammates train and progress.

You also know our second flex support, Paris’ additional recruitment during season 2 : Luís “Greyy” Perestrelo.


With him, there are no grey areas when it comes to healing ! He started competing in Overwatch in 2017, with three different teams, including Laser Kittenz and Cloud 9 EU, finishing 3–4th of the 2017 EU Contenders Season 0 with the former, and 3–4th of Season 1 with the latter. Early 2018, he joined opTic Academy (renamed GGEA, it was at the time, Houston Outlaw’s academy team). He finished 3–4th a third time, this time in 2018 NA Contenders Season 1.

After a quality demonstration of skills, and trials where he revealed all his potential, he joined Paris Eternal to complement HyP. If he didn’t play during the early GOATs centric part of the season, that all changed with the meta shift. Zen’s replacement by Ana gave him a chance to take center stage and send opponents back to bed with perfect sleep darts.

On the Overwatch highway, he’s the kruise control master with his Lucio : Harrison “Kruise” Pond.


Like SoOn and NiCOgdh, Kruise is an Overwatch veteran. He started playing for a team as soon as the Overwatch beta opened in early 2015 : WatchOut Gaming — and later Arcane eSports. They participated in small tournaments where Kruise stood out. He then joined REUNITED, with whom he finished 2nd at the 2016 ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown — Gamescom vs Rogue. The team was then picked up by eUnited and Kruise swapped from Lucio to Genji ! eUnited finished 2nd in the Overwatch TakeOver 2, once again against Rogue (hey SoOn!) before finally winning the 2017 EU Contenders Season 0 title. Sadly, eUnited then disbanded as well in late 2017.

Kruise then announced his intention of creating a team, Orgless and Hungry, and returned to his original — and preferred — support role. Sadly, the team’s performance wasn’t remarkable. He then joined Toronto Esports in March of 2019 and the team finished second in the 2018 NA Contenders Season 1.

After proving his skills in North America, he was picked as Paris Eternal’s main support and held the fort down by himself during the whole season.

There’s a new face in the team : Brice “FDGod” Monsçavoir, and it’s a young one !


You already know FDGod. He made some noise at the 2019 World Cup, as France’s main support. Despite mostly showing off his skills on Lucio, don’t worry, he’s got a complete mastery of Baptiste as well, and could definitely start on maps where the hero is favored.

Our young player started on the Overwatch competitive scene in April 2018. He went through several well-known EU Contenders steams : Orgless and Hungry, Shu’s Money Crew EU and HSL Esports. Outside of Contenders, he also participated in French tournaments with teams created for the occasion, notably winning two Zotac CUP and the 2019 Gamers Assembly.

After a second place finish with Young and Beautiful in the 2019 EU Contenders Season 2 Trials, the team finished 7th in the regular season. FDGod then participated in the 2019 World Cup at the end of the year and finished in 4th place alongside his future teammates SoOn and HyP, revealing his mechanical skills to the world, especially when it comes to contesting points.

A young main support with top notch game mechanics and great comms, who else could you want to complete Kruise and learn from his experience ?

This marks the end of our series of articles on our coaches and players. With a team composed of esports veterans and players fresh off their first team experiences and hungry for more, Paris Eternal is sure to show us great things in 2020.

Are you happy you learned more about our talented team ? Do you think they’ll do better than 14th this year ? Are you excited to see them live at the homestands ? There’s still time to buy a ticket if you haven’t already ! A Rooster Club Tribune is reserved just for you, so we can make the entire Zenith shake with our chants.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to continue the conversation!

Original article by Kymilink, editing and translation by Gaila.




Emblématique groupe de Supporters de Paris Eternal en Overwatch League. Venez nous rejoindre sur Twitter @Rooster_Club !

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Rooster Club

Emblématique groupe de Supporters de Paris Eternal en Overwatch League. Venez nous rejoindre sur Twitter @Rooster_Club !

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