[ENG] He LEVItates over the years !


Coaches are often the hidden heroes of a team and it’s only right that we recognize them — especially considering that today is Levi’s birthday ! One of the essential members of Paris Eternal’s coaching staff, he works in the shadows to make sure our roosters are well prepared to face any meta or situation.

To properly celebrate our Strategy Rooster, let’s look back a little at his history on Overwatch. He came into the pro scene in 2016 on a little known team called Rhinos Gaming Titan as a support player. They managed to qualify for the first season of APEX but never quite performed beyond that. Nevertheless, Levi stayed with them until the team’s disbandment in May 2017.

That marked the end of his brief player career and he transitioned to a coaching role on a well-known Korean Contenders team, Element Mystic. At the time, the team had just debuted and rose all the way from the 4th APEX season offline qualifier and 5th APEX Challengers season to the end of the 2018 KR Contenders Season 2 finale. From his recruitment mid-2017 to mid-2018 when Rush was recruited, he was the sole coach for the organisation. This means he has consequent experience with Xzi and Sp9rk1e, who spent months under his wing. Fun fact : he and HanBin barely missed each-other, since Levi was recruited by Shanghai 3 days before HanBin officially joined Element Mystic.

After leading Element Mystic to greatness, Levi was called to an even greater challenge : changing the Shanghai Dragons enough to leave their 0–40 season in the dust, and rewrite the team’s legacy. After a few weeks to get the mechanics settled, that’s what he did, boosting the red and gold team and leading them to become Stage 3 champions (from zero to hero, anyone?).

For season 3, he shed his dragon skin to become a rooster and it’s with great joy that we saw him reunited with his former Element Mystic teammates, in order to restart a previous team synergy and lead Paris Eternal to victory !

We wish him all the best in these difficult times, where he continues to do his best, along with the rest of the team ! Levi님 생일 축하해요 !

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Article by Gaila.

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