[ENG] Rooster Recap — OWL Week 11

Nico raining hell on his enemies (2020) © screengrab by Mim

Welcome back to another episode of the Rooster Recap — this week’ll be a bit special since we’ll be focusing on two topics : a bit of fun with the echo community tournament and a little less fun with the game against Florida Mayhem last Friday night (or very very early morning, depending on your perspective).

To start us off : the Echo tournament was a fun way to see teams come together for a brief moment and discover new synergies while competing to win for glory (and a nice cash prize). Paris Eternal didn’t miss out on the fun, since quite a few members participated.

Kruise rallied the old UK gang and built up a team with ChipSa, KYB, ChrisTFer (assistant coach for Philadelphia Fusion) and Hayez (coach for Team UK). SoOn also bet on national solidarity with Team Bonjour, braving the ping alongside Poko to play in the EU competition.

AVALLA joined Team Original Gangsters with OGE and Jaru from Los Angeles Gladiators, Swingchip (Florida Mayhem’s translator), Mobydik (Philadelphia Fusion’s assistant coach), Guru (Maryville Esports player) and Zeerocious (former T2 Overwatch player). They did quite well, moving up till round 4, where they fell against Nocturnal OW.

The other team was called DDDJ, but might’ve well been called Paris Eternal 2.0. It was composed of NineK, Rush, Levi, Aid, Yong — our entire coaching staff — aided by two players you might’ve heard of… HanBin and Sp9rk1e. The latter even showed a sense of humor by signing up under the pseudo “NineKsSlave”. They made it to round 4 as well, before losing to Test Team 1. No dishonor there since the latter went on to win the entire tournament. Congratulations !

It certainly made for a nice palate cleanser after the frustration the team must’ve suffered during their match against Florida Mayhem. On paper, most people predicted Paris Eternal winner since they’d previously demonstrated mastery over the general comps that might be expected, and were rated above Florida in general rankings.

As a quick reminder, the bans for the week, as provided by the brand new algorithm, taking into consideration high MMR ranked play were Reinhardt, McCree, Widowmaker, and Brigitte. A strong call-back to the first weeks of the competition… Considering the lack of Reinhardt and hit-scans, most had predicted the return of double shield meta, and they were right !

Oasis was the first map played and sure enough, Orisa / Sigma showed up in full force, along with Doom / Reaper or Mei / Reaper as a DPS combo. Paris started out pretty good with a strong attack and positioning, but the tide turned fast. Indeed, throughout the two rounds, the Florida Mayhem controlled the tempo and attacked first, keeping Paris on an off-beat where they couldn’t temporize properly or retake any control. The map went to the Miami Vice colored team with a handy 2–0.

On Rialto, Paris tried to switch things up a little with Nico on Pharah to pressure Florida. The method worked a little, but in general, the roosters remained too passive and not proactif enough to counter the Mayhem and got stopped halfway through point 2, along the canal. The last fight is a clear example of what went wrong — Paris are so focused on the payload instead of attacking Mayhem and making them lose the high ground advantage that they get picked off one by one and die.

At half-time, some reflections could be made… This comp had been played before by Paris to a greater success, so what could be going wrong…? Perhaps the absence of Xzi on DPS, and a lesser synergy between Nico and SoOn, or the absence of BenBest? The main tank is well-known for dictating a rhythm — and sometimes even being a little too aggressive. Maybe some of that energy would’ve been needed.

Florida fears the Pharah © Screengrab by Mim

Whatever happened at half-time, Paris came back re-energized and ready to fight. Perhaps they were a diesel engine after all, slow to start rolling but hard to stop once started ? There’s a clear difference in tempo, Paris engages first and dictates their pace, even finishing the round with a good minute extra in the timebank over Florida. They fought hard against the pink team and managed to catch up to their over-time push in front of the second point, but fell in over-time, for a 3–0 defeat.

Over-all that last map was incredibly frustrating since it showed that Paris had understood and adapted, learning from their mistakes in an extremely short time. A few seconds more and they could’ve completed the round — and looked good enough to push for a reverse sweep, or at the very least, a less complete defeat.

For the time being, we can only hope that they learn from the errors made throughout this match and take advantage of the free week ahead to rest up a little and take a break from the break-neck rhythm they’ve been under so far. The Echo tournament must’ve given them a nice change in pace as well.

Next week, no Echo yet in OWL (or in ranked) and no Paris Eternal. We’re as sad as you are to not be able to cheer on our favorite roosters, but we’re sure they’ll come back stronger than ever and even more motivated !

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Article by Gaila.

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