[ENG] Rooster Recap — OWL Week 21

Personne n’échappe à son regard © screengrab by Mim

Welcome back to an early edition of the Rooster Recap ! This week’s program is a bit special since the Summer Showdown is about to start, so we’re bringing you our regular content a bit in advance, so you’ll be prepared for all the action that’s about to go down. Last week, Paris was up for a revenge match against LA Valiant. Like last time, no hero bans — unlike last time, we had SP9RK1E and Xzi up our sleeve to inflict maximum damage.

SP9RK1E says time to die © screengrab by Mim

It’s always nicer to write about victories than defeats, especially here when the victory in question marks a new step upwards in the team’s progression. We might’ve gone down hard against Shock but so did Philadelphia Fusion. Where everyone was expecting a tough game, it was a one-sided stomp, Carpe seemingly tamed in the server. Quite the humbling sight! Meanwhile, Paris Eternal came out in full form for their own game on Sunday, knowing this game was a shot at redemption in the eyes of their public. There might’ve also been some additional motivation for SoOn in facing down against his old team, even though he’s long been adopted into the rooster fold.

Rush once again went onto the Paris Eternal Twitter to give a little feedback about the game itself and the strategies employed.

It’s quite interesting to see Paris taking advantage of the hero buffs on Genji to give SP9RK1E additional carry potential. We’ll have to see how the comp changes up in the future when the Brigitte nerfs come into effect. Without the additional armor packs to pre-shot healing, it’ll be a riskier play to send DPS players into the fray — but also perhaps an occasion to showcase the talent of our players. In any case, it shouldn’t affect the team quite yet, since the patch only just passed onto the live servers and is still a ways away from the OWL servers.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to look at one specific composition choice made by Paris on Junkertown. Sadly, we’ve lost our previously impeccable record, the escort map is our throne no longer. The more interesting element however, is the attempt at switching up the DPS duo. Up until then, Paris had played mixes of SP9RK1E and Xzi or SP9RK1E and SoOn together, depending on the necessities of the map, to allow for a hitscan and a flex DPS at all times. For Junkertown, Paris picked Xzi and SoOn, going for a double hitscan option that had a lot of merit on paper. On the first point especially, the map is very open, allowing for long sightlines and a dangerous crossfire potential with a double sniper comp. It didn’t quite work out in this specific scenario since Valiant took the map 3–2, managing to push to the end while we got held mid 3rd point, but it’s a showcase of the growing flexibility and adaptability of Paris. Bringing out two hitscan DPS like that does give away the type of comps that might be played to the opponent, like when Paris brings out BenBest instead of NoSmite… It’s still a good showcasing of the depth of the hero pool we have on hand — and doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that we could also play two flex DPS if the occasion called for it, with Nico’s deep hero pool still untapped.

Faceoff on Nepal © screengrab by Mim

There’s a lot to be optimistic about for Paris Eternal. The qualification matches for this Summer Showdown were no walk in the park, with tough opponents. The team showed up sufficiently to qualify themselves, showing quite the margin of progression still remaining and leaps of improvement from week to week. For their next match, they’ll be facing off against the Dallas Fuel. The team has been rather inconsistent from week to week, depending on whether or not their DPS manage to deadlift the rest of the team into a decent performance. For Doha, it’ll be another faceoff against his previous teammates from Element Mystic — and we’re sure that SP9RK1E, HanBin and Xzi will make sure to take the W home.

Don’t miss it, the game is a bit earlier than usual, on Friday 3rd at 9 PM!

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Article by Gaila.

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