[ENG] Rooster Recap — Week 20

SP9RK1E unleashed © screengrab by Mim

Welcome to the latest Rooster Recap! It’s not going to be a very fun review this week, considering the scoreline for the last game played by Paris Eternal. Considering the 3–0, there isn’t much point in reviewing the game itself in detail. The team only really seemed to wake up in time for Blizzard World, offering some good plays and close performances. The diesel engine imitation is something they can afford against teams they’re more comfortable facing, but against the San Francisco Shock, you can’t give them an inch, let alone two maps. Instead of rehashing the defeat, we’re going to use this format to discuss what the takeaway could be for the team next week against further opponents, as well as the reaction to the game itself.

To start it off, how better to understand the game decisions than to listen to the man in charge: Rush was on the Paris Eternal Twitter to give a few explanations about the Shock game and how they prepared for it. It’s definitely worth a listen, to get a little insight — and we can only appreciate the transparency and access to the less well-known members of the staff!

Rush admits a difference between preparation and gameday Paris, as well as a particularly dangerous San Francisco. Both mixed together makes for a bad combo, especially considering how deadly the season champions are on a bad day. There’s also an interesting comment on the meta choices, as influenced by the hero bans of the week and the way it did or didn’t play into Paris Eternal’s strengths. Going back to an old-style dive style to run into a comp that more or less countered it didn’t work out too well, despite some flashes of brilliance from SP9RK1E on the Genji. Sadly, you can’t solo-carry an entire game against a team like the Shock, try as he might.

Some people watching wondered at the choice to play SP9RK1E instead of Nico for the Mei maps. Indeed, the French player has been recognized for his expertise on the pick — beyond simply good aim, he has an understanding of where to position himself to best benefit the team. Perhaps playing SP9RK1E was a choice to cash in the investment, or benefit from the previous synergy he has with his Element Mystic teammates. He’s certainly better than last week, so there’s reason to think that first match nerves might’ve come into play as well.

Finally, we can only celebrate Xzi’s return! Hidden until the last possible moment (and even leading to some deceptions like NineK’s interview with Zaroide), he was announced to have returned to the USA in the past week. We’re very glad to see him recovered and back on the field, with great performances. He held his own several times against ANS in Widow duels, and everyone knows that is no easy task.

Paris holding their ground © screengrab by Mim

Some fans reacted rather violently to the match and its scoreline. It’s a bit easy to switch sides as soon as the screen doesn’t light up with a “Paris Eternal wins!”, especially when it’s against the reigning champions. Shock has been a colossus so far this season and a good test to judge Paris’s current level. We’ve progressed a lot and we’ve unlocked the final version of the roster, but it’ll take time to build up synergy and game experience. We’re only halfway there and it’s a bit too early to throw the towel in and call the season a bust! On the contrary, we’re rather excited to see where things go from here.

This week-end, it’s the revenge match against Los Angeles Valiant! Last time the two teams faced off, it was without Xzi and SP9RK1E on the roster. The game was still a close 2–3 and kept us on the edge of our seats the entire time — so we can only be excited to see how it goes this time! Same conditions as last time, no hero bans, so we might get to see some exotic picks from both teams to play to their player’s strengths… Don’t get the dates mixed up though, we’re not playing on Saturday this time, it’s Sunday at 9 PM Paris time.

We’re cheering for Paris! We know everyone has bad weeks, but we’re still behind you 100%!

Paris 화이팅 !

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Article by Gaila.

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