[ENG] #HenAnalysis: the meta after week 1

Graphic © Mim

Some might say it’s a bit too early to talk about meta, but that’s never stopped us here at the Rooster club — on the contrary it’s when it’s not stabilized yet and that the teams still experiment that it’s the most interesting!

Without further ado, here’s the takeaway from the inaugural week of season 4.

For the moment, there’s two metas dominating the NA region:

To illustrate our point, we chose to look at the Toronto vs Atlanta match, and more precisely their match-up on Blizzard World. It pits the two comps we’re interested in.

Atlanta’s style is rush — so much so that they even force it on Blizzard World, where it’s supposed to lose effectiveness after the first point. Indeed, too much high ground and the many pathways give openings for the enemy DPS to destroy the comp from a distance.

On Toronto’s side, we’re opting for a double bubble defense. For it to work, they need to anticipate the enemy speed-boost engage and rotate to take their backlane off-guard.

There’s a strategic error in positioning in this first engage: Lastro alone, is too far ahead and gets caught trying to nade the opponent. The Brigitte supposed to bodyguard him isn’t there to peal and Atlanta takes immediate advantage of the first kill. They’ve got the first point of the map on a silver platter.

SuriPlay, French caster, gives us a little more explanation about what went wrong in this first fight:

I think it’s a strategic error from Toronto: they aren’t necessarily surprised because they saw the rotation coming, but they reacted badly. I think it’s strange for a double bubble comp to go into such a closed-up space where it won’t really have an opportunity to take advantage of its bubbles (Zarya’s yes, but not Winston’s). It doesn’t leave opportunities to jump and fall back, and completely gives over the advantage to the rush comp by reducing the distance between the teams for engaging and going into mélée range.

A last indicator of Toronto’s strategic error is Heesu’s Ashe’s positioning. He’s on the point, at the complete opposite of his team. If he has an interesting line of fire or cross fire with his front lane’s engage, if he has a chance to use his populsion to get to safety on the highground behind the point (with the boat) and esscape a rush that passed the first defenses, that means Toronto wasn’t ready.

A Toronto mistake that lets Atlanta take (and keep) the advantage: great job!

But this season’s diversity is also coming from the comp variation observed depending the map type — indeed, KOTH offers its own ecosystem, according to SuriPlay:

Finally, let’s take a trip to the APAC side of things. Our Asian neighbors always have quite the imagination when it comes to meta — and original picks to offer:

We’re excited to see what the teams will offer this week, especially Paris in their first match! Don’t miss the action: the French games all start at 9PM this year!

A huge thank you to SuriPlay for contributing to this article! You can check him out on Twitter for more great analysis and casts.

For additional reading, we suggest the Overwatch League Gravbag, which offers interesting stats and looks at the best actions.

Article written and translated by Gaila, edited by Minibouh and Kymilink.

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